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“We are on Gregorax,” his voice cut off Crimson’s line of thought. When she stared at him, a puzzled look on her face, he lifted an eyebrow. “Didn’t you know? The Doom Clock is setting off soon, so the Equilibris are kidnapping others and using their energy to feed the forcefield they’re making. They hope the force field will save their planet but they’re dumb,” his voice turned into a growl at the end, but he kept himself composed. “My planet was invaded and we were all captured. But, why are you here?”

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Published: 2019

Crimson Roth is a Junior Aviatrix- at least, that’s what she hopes to be someday. Unable to join the Enrollment for the Junior Aviator’s Tournament, she travels to the vast galaxy and beyond on the stolen NYX-042… only to crash down on enslaved planet Gregorax.

With her new companion, Jake Whallscon, the two unstoppable pair set out to stop the Doomsday Clock, defeat a few aliens and learn that there are some things more stronger than Time itself.

Who is to be trusted and who is to be betrayed?