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God Forge: Forge of the Mind (book 1) [draft 2]

God Forge: Forge of the Mind (book 1) [draft 2]







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Gods ravaged the land…
The mortal realm, Anhsook Del Iris, suffered unrelenting attacks. Who knew why, or what they wanted? They wiped entire cities off the map. They searched for something.
I didn’t believe in them! What a fool! We had the world to ourselves. Our magic was our own; our science, our own-our lives needed to be… our own.
Everything changed.
My friends, my loved ones; they perished as angels of the celestial tyrants swarmed. Few survived the assaults, and even fewer could fight back.
I sat by and watched the slaughter for years, always fearing-scared that next they’d kill my wife or son.
But I made a discovery. I discovered what the corrupt deities sought.
In the town of Angel’s Outpost, deep under the ice caverns of Sheeva, I found a mythical artifact; the Philosopher’s Stone.
It was then I formed a plan. If desired the item so, I’d deliver it-in the form of a warrior that able to bend the power to his will; a god slayer to defeat them!
A problem existed. How to hide it? What was the price of the sacrifice to end them? The soul of he whom I cared for most.

– Azteron Zirnoff