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The Plummeting Ascension

The Plummeting Ascension






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The bringer of wanton anguish jeers at all who fall before its machinations! Its shadow is like smoke on the wind, all who detect it know of a fire burning but can the flames be found and extinguished before the inferno spreads out of control? We are all kings or pawns, for life is but a game played by immortals. Who are the players and what is the goal?

Framed for the gruesome death of his mother, Julious is ripped from his mundane life just as fate had begun smiling upon him. An unknown entity, ever watchful over this lost boy of 14, darts just out of Julious’ grasp but never truly leaves his side. It remains veiled within the deep shadows of past and present pushing the boy towards an uncertain future. Julious is forced to run for his life, quickly discovering his mind is not completely his own. Nightmares filled with foreign memories and ancient musings haunt his dreams and strange voices consume his every waking thought.

Surviving in a world over run with demons and magical creatures alike he is not alone in the fight for survival. But how does one tell friend from foe? Humanity clings to slivers of hope as they attempt to rebuild in the wake of the great cataclysm. Though the world may now be out of the dark ages it is not out of the woods yet. Humanity must not only survive warring with itself, but must also take back the planet from the nightmares that came along with the return of magic!