The Don's unknown child

Chapter 30: A new beginning is Awakening!

As she watches the twins play in the Garden, Rose can’t help but smile seeing how her family treats them like their own. Hearing someone let out a tired breath beside her she looks at Blair then asks, “Why do I have a feeling that you want something?

“Me want something, no, no, no, my little Rose, you are going to be the one of the Bridesmaid while I am going to be the maid of honor to Mary and Nico’s wedding,” Blair says.

“And your point is?” Rose asks as she raise an eyebrow.

“My point is we have not pick out our dresses nor have we written our speech, it’s like we are waiting for disaster to strike,” Blair replies.

Laughing Rose turns to Blair and says, “Calm down Blair, nothing is going to happen, do you see who we are dealing with, Mary, the girl knows how to protect our family just like how she did nine months ago.”

Laughing Blair says to Rose as she picks up her drink, “You are absolutely correct, who would have thought her, being a devoted Agent she was, would make sure we weren’t brought down when the Authorities came to raid our place.”

Nine months ago after the incident, the Authorities came knocking on the Bartolomeo Residence with a warrant to search the place. Antonio’s father place was also search including their Businesses but they did not find anything. Other Mafia Organizations were search and also but those who were stupid enough to keep their illegal activities in the house were arrested and is facing a long prison sentence.

It turns out the Police were investigating all possible crime families and Mary who catch wind of it, notified our crew causing them to clear everything that would possibly be deemed illegal out. Mary did that because of Blair and Rose who helped her bring down the people that work under Torres, Vladimir and the Renaldi’s. She went from being the under dog to top notch in her Bureau.

“I have to say, she is going to be an excellent Agent, the girl can kick butt,” Rose says.

“And we also have someone on the inside looking out for us too when needed, that is why I approve of our bone headed cousin that is marrying her,” says Agosto.

Gasping Sara smacks Agosto on the back of his head, “they are getting married because they love each other not because she is a ticket to be one step ahead of Authorities you idiot,” she says to Agosto.

“She is absolutely right about that,” says Nico who walks in holding Mary’s hand.

When Blair sees Gregory, she squeals then gets up to hug him. “Babe I miss you,” Blair says kissing him.

“Eww, Blair is eating Gregory face,” says the twins as they cover their eyes.

Everyone laughs until they hear the maid saying it is time for dinner. “Solomon and David, come lets go wash your hands before you eat,” Rose says to the twins as everyone makes their way inside.

The Dining room is fill with conversation and laughter as the family and their friends conversate while they eat. Rose could not help but watch as a new chapter begin in her life, a chapter where she is not alone and do not have to run away from people who are trying to hurt her.

Watching her Dad go upstairs, she follow him knowing that they need to take about her future. “I thought you were going to wait until tomorrow to have this conversation my dear,” Samuel says.

“Actually I was, but this can not wait, after all I am the head of the Appleton Organization. I want to combine my Organization with yours then build it from the ground up, but instead of having it whole I want to split it into two so that when the twins grow older and take over, they each will have their own part and they can decide amongst themselves if they want to run it apart or together,” Rose explains.

Smiling, Samuel eyes show admiration as he looks at his daughter and say, “What a wise decision my little flower.”

Rose return the smile even brighter than her father and say to him, “It came to me when I thought back on how my Grand Uncle told me that because of Grandpa being the oldest, he felt the desire to steal what should be his, that is what I want to avoid, history can not repeat itself with my cousins and that is why Grand Uncle wanted me to raise them.”

“Yes, he made an excellent choice to turn everything over to you, remember my little flower, your Grandmother and Mother were two strong women. You have their blood as well as my blood flowing through you too,” he says proudly.

Sitting back in his chair, Samuel says, “Now that, that is all cleared up, I am going to be doing a lot travelling with Mateo and some of our men to expand our Organization after Mary and Nico’s wedding, that means you guys will run the Organizations when we are gone. That means whenever we decide to come back, we want to hear a good report from you all.”

“Absolutely!” Rose says in excitement.

Barging into Blair room, Rose jumps on her bed and grabs her shoulder. “Do you want to go on the road trip you told me about, you know the smack down, build up and dominate other lower mafia Organizations to prove that women are better than men.”

“Hell yeah, I told you as a Don you need to boss up,” Blair replies.

“Then let’s do it, we can do our college courses online as we accomplish our goal. I think it is time for a new beginning for the both of us, one where we will make a name for our self,” says Rose who is looking into Blair eyes.

Standing up on the bed Blair asks, “What about our business dreams to own a fashion house with our own brand, build a few clubs and do something extraordinary?”

Rose stand up on the bed next to Blair, the fashion house is in the process of building, we have to meet up with a few people so we can talk about how to go about opening a club and  on this road trip we will find what we can do to be extraordinary while we build our Empire. Also I am taking classes to obtain a law degree.”

“Rose, a new beginning is awaking for us and we are going to dominate,” Blair says as they both start to jump up and down squealing.

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