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Rivers of Reverie

Rivers of Reverie







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Rivers of Reverie

Author: Zarator

Published: 2018

Parts: 13

Young nymph Liryl is soon to become a priestess of water. Lately though, strange visions of winged creatures soaring in the sky have been tormenting her sleep. The girl seeks the advice of Eris, her head priestess, only to discover that many other nymphs have been experiencing her same dreams. Only a person can help Liryl shedding light on this mystery – a former novice of Eris, who now lives in the far away city of Fys Espyr.

Albeit reluctantly, the young girl thus embarks on a journey, together with her lifelong friend Sanya, in order to uncover the meaning of these visions. However, as the journey brings her deeper into the land of Espyria, Liryl slowly awakens to a much harsher reality than what she witnessed in her dreams. A reality which will finally shatter the reverie of her youth.