Rebirth: How a Loser Became a Prince Charming

Chapter 1 - Chapter 84: The Hapless Duo

Chapter 1 - Chapter 84: The Hapless Duo

Chapter 84: The Hapless Duo

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What choice did Qin Guan have? Who knew that that little girl would have been blessed with such great strength? No matter what others thought, the girl had impressed him a lot. If Mou Xiaoliu had known that Qin Guan was talking about her with his roommates, she would have been over the moon.

While she rode the shuttle bus, she asked the upperclassman there some questions.

"Do you know the upperclassman at the reception?"

"Of course, practically all the sophomores at our college know him."

"Is he that popular? That's good. What's his name? I'd like to thank him again if I meet him in the future."

The student smiled automatically as he answered, "He has too many titles. They call him the Handsome Straight-A Accounting Student, the Dancing Childe, and the College Heart-breaker. But his real name is Qin Guan."


  Mou Xiaoliu recited the titles carefully in her mind twice before nodding at the upperclassman.


When the bus stopped, the upperclassman experienced Qin Guan's earlier struggle. He had to carry the two bags off the bus with shaking legs.


As Mou Xiaoliu walked to the reception with her bags, she was thinking, "Daddy, the people here are all kind. Everything has gone smoothly so far. But the students in my college are all weak. It seems like I'll have to help them a lot in the future."

A whole bus of students had finished enrolling, yet Qin Guan wasn't feeling any better.

The hot sun was high in the sky as they ran around on the square without any shade. They kept talking with students and parents until their mouths felt dry and their tongues scorched. When their replacements arrived, they found them lying on the table like withered cucumbers.

Qin Guan and Wang Lei decided to bring an umbrella the next day.

They took the shuttle home, and the first thing they did when they entered their dormitory was take a bath. In his underpants, Qin Guan poured warm water on his body with a red bucket. Cool! They both felt refreshed after the bath.


Wrapping his large towel around his head, Qin Guan grinned at Wang Lei. "Do I look like a tank soldier?" They pretended to fight as they went out of the bathroom. Suddenly, they were surprised to see girls standing in the corridor.

The two of them were the top students in the whole college. Wang Lei had a high IQ, but hanging out with Qin Guan for too long seemed to have lowered it. He had even forgotten that it was a special day.

It was enrolment day, so there were lots of freshmen with their parents as well as many idlers moving around the building. The boys looked at each other in silent despair. The two of them were standing there in just their underpants, water drops rolling down their bodies. At least we look strong...

Qin Guan and Wang Lei pretended to be calm. They exchanged a glance as they walked confidently in their slippers, trying to look nonchalant. When they finally pushed the door to their room open, they exhaled in relief. Oh my! We were naked in public. We might have had our underpants on, but people still saw our bare chests!

  They acted like nothing had happened, taking advantage of their selective memory.


When everyone returned, Ye Dong was beaten by Qin Guan and Wang Lei, who blamed all their misfortunes on him. It was because of Ye Dong’s promotion that they had attracted the attention of the tutors. At the thought that they would have to do this job again and again in the following days, they ground their teeth.

  "Bang, bang..." With bumps all over his head, Ye Dong went to the cafeteria for dinner with them, ordering extra carbonado legs to compensate for his friends' energy loss, not only that day, but also for the days to come.


  When they arrived at the station the next day, they realized that one chicken leg was not enough for the work they did.

  It was raining, and the small table couldn't be set up. The fellow sufferers stood under an umbrella on the square, getting mud on their pants. The passing labor workers reminded them kindly, "Silly boys, you could wait in the hall!"

"Poor them! They only have the one umbrella!"

  They had been mistaken for labor workers! Wang Lei silently ran back to the shuttle bus to get the college board.

  "They are students. They're working so hard!"

The labor workers left. The two boys standing in the rain were like symbols that could be seen from afar. The tutor in the shuttle bus was relieved. "I hadn't expected them to be so dedicated."

Because of the rainy weather, the staff of the railway station had allowed all buses from different colleges to park across the square. All the passengers could see them clearly as soon as they disembarked. Suddenly, Wang Lei rushed out with the board without listening to the instructions of the tutor. The tutor had just praised them for their enthusiasm. Would he admit that they were silly after all?

Definitely not!

Qin Guan didn't know that there was a change until he sent the first group of students and their parents off. He immediately ran to the square to share the news with Wang Lei, and they returned together with the second group.


Ashamed of their IQ, they remained silent until they got back to their dormitory. Their wet clothes were pasted on their bodies, making them feel miserable. They took them off as soon as possible. Their shirts were torn apart, and the pants held up by an elastic cord fell down on the floor.

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