Professor Layton and the Angel's Prophecy


Hello all. What an undertaking this has been. I wrote Memories of a Time Gone By – I didn’t think my story would be that popular so I didn’t choose a more flashy, appropriate name for the book, but I like that it is reflective of the story’s emphasis on the past – as I was discovering Wattpad, and then as I started getting positive comments and people messaging me, I was compelled to write more. This continued throughout Love in All Adversities, and by the time of Angel’s Prophecy, I felt I had a small taster of what it’s like to be a published author, my future dream. Well I will make it a reality, but to have such amazing feedback means so much to me. Not only did I push myself to write better, but I pushed myself to write more which is always a good thing.

Back when I started, I had a lot of time. I thought, around the time that Love in All Adversities started  that I could write at least a few more Layton stories after. Then life happened and my schedule became busy. Of course, that doesn’t mean I just stop myself writing completely, but it meant I had to be selective about what I wrote. As easy as it is for me to just keep writing Layton stories to communicate with you, my loyal fans, I know I can’t keep doing that. I’ve got to push myself by writing new stories, stretching my writing muscles and not falling into the safety of writing fan fiction. Admittedly, I have pushed myself, especially in Angel’s Prophecy, not only to make a better story, but to tackle another genre, namely the courtroom mayhem as witnessed in the Ace Attorney series, among other creative endeavours. But don’t expect another full Layton story here. However, that doesn’t mean my time writing Layton is quite over…

Yes that’s right, I plan to revisit this universe in some way, one I have already decided and am in the planning stages of now, but more will be revealed in the coming months. Stay tuned for that, but in the meantime, check out my other stories if they tickle your fancy. If not, I shall just recommend a few books I like, because why not? Reading is great! So there’s The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (and its sequels); Deltora Quest and any book in the Deltora universe (The Three Doors trilogy and the Star of Deltora series). I have way more, but they should get you started.

Now for some finishing notes. I have to thank each and every one of you for reading this story, and those who voted and supported me each step of the way. I really couldn’t have done it without you – and that’s no exaggeration! I felt myself unmotivated at times, but I just had to remember that I had a passionate fanbase out there who loves this series as much as I and I had to do my best to respect that by making the best story I could. It even surpised me to learn there was one fan out there who recommended my books on TV Tropes in the Layton section. I hope you are reading this, but regardless, the fact that people are sharing my stories means a lot. You can thank a lot of the exciting things happening because I found motivation from you guys to write a story I could be proud of, and that’s amazing!

Fortunately, our time with Layton isn’t quite over. I don’t know the state of the divisive Layton 7, but Lady Layton looks so promising, and I shall be fanboying out over that next year – and quite possibly editing some small details here to keep my story canon. I admit, so much of what happens in my stories would never be considered by the Layton writers. I tried to present more realistic and flawed characters, and I pushed relationships, i.e. Clive as an adopted son, Emmy and Hershel (when we don’t know whom he chose to marry, and might not know even in Lady Layton), and I added more weight to the relationship between Hershel and Luke, which was a core of this book so I had to do it. But this is my story, and I know if you have made it this far, you have liked the direction I have taken.

So that’s that. Until the upcoming announcement, this is it. Thanks again for being you, and being fantastic, and until the next time, may all your puzzles be good ones! Remember that a true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved!

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