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Professor Layton and the Angel's Prophecy

Professor Layton and the Angel's Prophecy







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Professor Layton and the Angel’s Prophecy

Author: Aaron Chiplocke

Published: 2016

Parts: 56

The highly anticipated new adventure in GentleAaron’s series. ‘Angel’s Prophecy’ takes place two years after ‘Love In All Adversities’.

“Doom to the thief, who steals lives, meddler of time. Doom to the curse against nature, the impossible man in the top hat. Doom to the gentleman and his apprentice. Doom to he, for he shall die first.”

The Professor and Luke, partners in crime. Friends for life. But what if that friendship is prophesised to end in tragedy?

When a prophecy from a mysterious organisation known as the Angels is revealed which speaks of an end to the pair’s bond, Layton will do anything to ensure this prophecy fails.

However, the Angels are a force unlike any of which Layton has seen and he will need all the help he can get. Sofia and her family, Randall and Clive are but some of the friends who will help the Professor on his journey.

And of course, Luke will share this journey. Even if it may indeed be his last.

Plus, share in another adventure, one that took place not long after ‘Love in All Adversities’, as Hershel tackles the case mentioned to him by Luke at the end of ‘Lost Future’. The events of this adventure have repercussions for the team now, and it is up to the Professor, Luke, and his friends to end this madness once and for all. They might need the help of a certain attorney…