Mirror [Reverse AU] [Completed]


The rest of the situation got through like a blur. Reinforcements from Sunnova arrived to salvage the situation, but they were too late. Fang was the only one unscathed, though he was sentenced a traitor. When they came, Fang had already fled.

Ying, Yaya and Gopal were alive, but the rest of the station? Not so much. They were lucky that Reverse decided to relay their deaths for them to suffer more pain, whose routine was interrupted by another one of Boboiboy’s revival.

Boboiboy and Fang left, but no one knew where they went. They decided to track them after they’d appointed a new commander and admiral, since all their potent fighters have been brutally murdered. Through further debate, it was clear that only the heroes had the capability to take up the responsibility. Yaya was appointed the new Commander, with Ying being the new Admiral, and Gopal as the Head Captain under Ochobot’s guidance.

The power spheres that were injured or destroyed in battle were repaired, and Cattus managed to heal, though the injury was destined to leave a jagged scar on its belly. No one minded it, though. They still loved to give him belly rubs all the same.

And as for Retakka?

Something told Yaya, Ying and Gopal that he wasn’t done just yet.

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