Mirror [Reverse AU] [Completed]

Chapter 9

“This can’t be, nothing makes sense—ugh, why am I so useless!?” Fang slammed the table, causing the objects on the table to clatter. The crash of glass shattering resonated in his ears, and he knew he fucked up. Groaning, he used his shadow manipulation to clean the broken shards of glass and picked up the contents of the picture frame.

He brushed his thumb against the photo. It was a picture of their adventure on the floating island, which Papa Zola had given them as a souvenir of the occasion.

His heart turned to lead. It seemed like a century ago. Just as he was about to place it into the drawer, his hand caught the edge of the photo, revealing another layer under the picture. He removed their photo, revealing a family portrait with only two sons.

The person he had seen before was holding the camera. The scene depicted Boboiboy, as Halilintar, chasing after him as the albino version of him ran for his life. This seemed to be taken before they had departed for their space journey.

That meant Reverse was aware of Boboiboy’s powers. But where would he get powers of his own? Why wasn’t he aware of Boboiboy’s presence on TAPOPS? Or was he taking the risk of his brother finding out that he’s the mastermind?

How did Boboiboy die?

“You could just ask me, you know.” Reverse materialized on Boboiboy’s bed, arms crossed as he stared at the alien.

Fang’s heart did a somersault. Did this guy have teleporting powers as well?

“And you would tell me why?” Fang retorted.

“I don’t do freebies. You ask me one question, and I ask you one question. Fair deal?”

“No deal.” Fang closed the drawer. “How would I know if you lied?”

“Consider it irrelevant. I swear I will tell the truth. I just wanted to thank you for protecting my brother before he died.” Reverse’s voice tightened at the mention of his brother’s death. “So, would you reconsider?”

Fang glared at him. This was the person that had caused them so much agony and grief, all for what? The thrill? His motives were unknown. Before that, he couldn’t bring himself to trust him.

“No deal.”

Reverse grinned. “Knew you were chicken. Adios!”

He disappeared again. Fang made sure that he had left the house, and he finally collapsed on the bed as he caught some shut eye.

* * *

Fang glanced at the abandoned mansion. It had yet to be demolished, for the rumours that he had caused had scared everyone out of their minds. Even if he left, the lingering fear didn’t just go away.

It was also where they had their first battle.

I will beat you, Boboiboy!

Huh. That sounded so childish, even for him. He was always competitive, insecure of his abilities. It was Boboiboy that helped him back on his two feet. But what did he do? Bash him with every chance he gets. Pushed him away and refused his friendship, for a period of time anyway.

“I’m sorry, Boboiboy, Kaizo.” He didn’t realize that tears were staining his face. “I’m sorry.”

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