Mirror [Reverse AU] [Completed]

Chapter 8

He’s the killer, Fang’s mind raced. Nothing made sense. Reality was being torn apart. Kaizo had died to Boboiboy’s hand. Ciciko had been murdered in cold blood. Many innocents had fallen victim to him—and he was dead?

No. This can’t be right. This had to be some sick joke. Some villain was trying to frame him. It had been done once before, and it was a repeat of the past. He had promised to not let any harm come to his friends, but his friend was the harbinger of death itself. How can he protect him from himself?

Was this even Boboiboy? The culprit shared the same face as him, but the name was different. The expression was nothing like his friend, and so was his appearance. He remembered Boboiboy having a white streak in his brown hair. This male had silver hair and a black streak.

The coincidence was uncanny. At least the culprit now had a name.


* * *

Fang didn’t expect any unnamed visitors at the house, considering that tomorrow would be the day that Boboiboy’s casket would be buried. There was a silver-haired figure, leaning on the side of the coffin as he sobbed silently, shoulders trembling.

His senses screamed, Run!

“Who are you?” he demanded, still clad in pyjamas. It was midnight, and everyone was asleep. Yaya and his friends stayed over to keep each other company and comforted each other.

The male raised his head. His scarlet eyes gleamed in the darkness, sending chills down his spine. It was dull, but his eyes were brimmed with crystal tears. His skin was freakishly pale, and he wore a grey turtleneck shirt.

Reverse wiped his eyes. “None of your business.” He stuffed his hands into his pockets. “Who are you? I don’t remember you here. Get out of my grandfather’s house.”

He looked exactly like Boboiboy, but he certainly wasn’t.

“I’m Boboiboy’s friend.” The name left a bitter taste in his tongue. “You! You’re the one that killed my brother, Ciciko and him! You dare show your face here?”

“You think I would kill Boboiboy?” Reverse spat, glaring daggers. “Why would I kill my own brother?”

“Your what?”

Reverse glared harder. “If you’re his best friend, then I won’t prod. Stay out of my stuff. It’s in our room, but I don’t think you can access it anyway. You’re why he died. Remember that.”

He walked out of the room, but not before placing a hand on the glass pane that sealed Boboiboy’s body on the coffin. He bid him a hasty farewell before walking out the door, the moonlight pouring into the room, spilling liquid silver on the casket as well as Fang.

* * *

Reverse was Boboiboy’s brother.

He had killed their parents.

He hadn’t killed Boboiboy, but he did kill Kaizo and Ciciko.

What else?

Fang should have chased after him. He should have confronted him that night. But he didn’t. The fact that Boboiboy had a brother was overwhelming. He never mentioned it, but he did express a wistful sadness whenever Kaizo was accompanying him. He had been jealous, but now he knew the reason.

Now the both of them were gone.

The burial took place in the morning. Yaya had the responsibility of lowering the casket into the hole with her abilities. After that, his friends and family had to sprinkle a handful of dirt to send the dead on their way. It was ceremonial and symbolic.

Fang bid him a silent farewell and thanked him for all that he’s done. For saving the world, for being his friend.

When Tok Aba, the last one went, it was supposed to be the time where the workers would shovel dirt into the hole.

They didn’t.

“What are you waiting for?” Ying sniffled.

The lead worked glanced at the schedule. “There’s one more. He’s late.”

As on cue, a figure materialized next to them, hands in pockets. He walked past the group, fisted a fistful of sand, and scattered it across the closed wooden lid.

Once he finished, he turned away, his backs facing all of them. His presence caused the others to stiffen, but they daren’t say anything due to the grieving occasion and mood.

Sighing, Reverse walked towards the direction of Tok Aba’s house. He didn’t seem to be interested in taking Fang or Yaya’s powers.

“That was…” Ying started when they were at Tok Aba’s stand. “Wasn’t he?”

Fang nodded. “It was.”

“Who is he?” Gopal demanded. “I never seen him in my life.”

“He’s my other grandson,” Tok Aba elaborated slowly. “He and Boboiboy were twins. He’s the older one. If it wasn’t for him, Boboiboy would have died when he was younger. He saved him from a car accident.”

The others fell silent. Boboiboy had never mentioned that he had a brother, much less a twin sibling that murdered his parents years ago.

But why did he have powers? Why did he attack the station that his younger brother was working at?

Why did he only show up now?

How did Boboiboy die? Who killed him? What killed him?

How did Reverse know that his brother had died? Tok Aba hadn’t made any calls, had he? Even the old man had never mentioned his other grandson and Fang had never seen him pick up the phone. He just sat in his grandson’s room, mourning over the loss of the elemental manipulator.

“They lived in Kuala Lumpur, right?” Fang spoke up. “Their parents died. Where did Reverse stay? He’s only 15.”

Tok Aba shook his head as he cleaned the mugs. The stand was too much of a reminder of what they had lost. The signboard itself was painful for them to watch. It had seemed like an act of love when he was still alive, but it served as an eternal scar that reminded them what they couldn’t have.

“He didn’t contact me for a while.” Tok Aba placed the mugs onto the cupboards. “I didn’t know he was in Pulau Rintis. When Boboiboy returned for the first time, he disappeared from the city. There were searches, but he was never found. I only saw him today in years.”

Fang averted his attention from the sky and back to the facts. Earth was too mesmerizing compared to space and he was tempted to distract from it.

He had killed Kaizo and CiciKo without a second thought.

So why hadn’t he taken Yaya and Fang’s powers yet? He had the chance just now.

For now, the only thing he could do was dig up more information regarding Boboiboy’s family.

He had a new mystery now. The old one had been solved in a method that they would pay to avoid.

It’s the least I could do, Fang promised.

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