Mirror [Reverse AU] [Completed]

Chapter 2

“We have to keep an eye out for this person,” Kaizo said. “Keep the securities on maximum and commence lockdown. No one gets in and no one gets out.”

Kaizo didn’t normally speak, but when he did, everybody listens. They would stop whatever they were doing and just obey the guy. It’s ironic, considering that the speech wasn’t directed towards most of them. Kaizo had that kind of effect towards everyone.

Fang glanced at the people around him. Gopal and Boboiboy were sitting on his right and Yaya and Ying on his left. They seemed to be tense, taking the situation into consideration. They had grown moderately attached to their superhuman abilities, and they would prefer for them to not get stolen.

The technicians got to work.

“I have a question for Databot.” Ying raised her hand. The admiral gestured for her to proceed. She faced the power sphere. “Who is this person going to attack next?”

The red power sphere calculated the odds. It was too early to tell. Perhaps the intelligence power sphere could provide some insight and foresight.

The computers blared red.

“No answer.” Ciciko sighed. “We have brought in multiple microscopic drones to surveillance everyone, with the exception of changing or taking baths, because that is highly uncomfortable and inappropriate.”

Gopal frowned. “So how long is this going to be held?”

“Until the criminal is brought to justice.”

Everyone groaned. Nobody favoured the idea of having digital eyes watching their every move.

When the meeting adjourned, everyone’s movements were tense. They knew someone was watching them. They were aware of the eyes in the air and the ears on the walls. The next thing everybody needed was speakers in the walls that barked orders at them whenever they passed by or screwed up.

“I can’t stand this,” Boboiboy whispered to Fang during lunch. “It’s like a spy mission but in our own home turf.”

Fang grimaced. Boboiboy’s description suited their situation perfectly. “It’s only for a while. Let’s hope we catch the villain soon.”

Three days later, everyone started to crack. Being surveillanced 24/7 was something that could take a toll on everyone. Cattus and Bellbot pleaded for the cameras to stop, since they had already lost their powers. Sai and Shielda expressed the similar request. Even Kaizo submitted a report regarding the inconvenience of the method.

Despite this, the admiral and the commander’s demands did not waver.

A week later, Ying was off the chart.

Despite the cameras, there was no inducement. Nothing went out of place. Not even a sliver of hair, but her powers had vanished along with the others.

She fell into a depressed state. Her friends comforted her, but she was unable to cope with the sudden shift in her life. It was like someone had ripped her heart out. It was unbearable.

Yaya’s gaze told the boys to leave the room. She would comfort her alone. Girl to girl. The males all acknowledged and left their living quarters.

“This makes no sense,” Gopal murmured. “There wasn’t anyone near her.”

“Except for us,” Fang agreed. “For all we know, our hands don’t glow red when we touch each other.”

Boboiboy grunted. “We’ll have to keep a closer eye. After this, I have a feeling that the admiral would tighten security around us.”

“Your point is?”

“I say we set out to find the criminal,” Boboiboy said. “At this rate, all of us will lose our powers one way or the other. We should act now before it’s too late.”

“How? We don’t have a lead.” Gopal sulked. “The cameras are still on us. If they can’t find the suspect, how can we?”

“One word.” Boboiboy’s eyes gleamed. “Bait.”

* * *

1-1-3-7. White hair. Red glow. Black shirt. Pale Skin. Access to evidence room. Power watch.

Kaizo surrendered. He would rarely leave a case hanging like this, but the databases didn’t lie. There was no one of such calibre that had been seen in the station or anywhere else. The closest that matched such traits was the #1 villain, but the skin colour was false. She also didn’t have a power watch.

Other than the fact that this mysterious individual could cloak himself from cameras, there was nothing else. This case had Kaizo stumped. In his life, he’d never seen something as sinister as this. Imagine this power was in the hands of good… but it was on the opposing side.

He sighed. Turning off the lights, he went to bed. As he pulled the covers over his head, a hand reached out from a portal, and dropped a lit lighter into his room.

* * *

“Fire! Fire!”

The commotion woke everyone. Gopal and Boboiboy were already on the scene, putting out the fire with whatever way they can. Boboiboy used his water manipulation. Gopal blasted a fire extinguisher and screamed like a girl.

By the time the fires were brought under control, all they saw was the burnt corpse of Kaizo.

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