Mirror [Reverse AU] [Completed]

Chapter 15

One word. A single word that was powerful enough to put everything on pause. The shadows that were curled around Reverse loosened, and the once-albino collapsed to the ground, barely conscious and breathing.

Fang snapped out of his anger, and realized what he’s done. His face melted into one of horror. The shadows broke apart and melted back to the floor all at once, like sand castles melting abruptly. Falling to the ground, with adrenaline still gushing through his veins, Fang lifted his shaking hands to his eyes.

Tears burst from his eyes, making its way on his cheeks and chin. It was a contrast to the blood on Reverse’s shirt.

The newcomer albino bolted towards Reverse, hands trembling as he gently laid Reverse on his back.


The brunette Reverse snorted, spluttering another round of blood. He was bleeding internally and it was never a good sign.

“Fuck you.” Reverse grinned wildly.

Fang’s eyes were moist and his vision misty. Horror and grief both struck at him at once, but he noticed that there was another duplicate of Reverse around. Please don’t tell him that they were triplets all along.

“Who are you?” he rasped, unable to stop the tears from rolling down his face.

The albino turned towards him, eyes gleaming blood red.

“Fang,” he whispered softly. “It’s me, Fang. It’s me, Boboiboy.”

What? Fang’s mind was a total blank. He couldn’t feel any limb on his body, and he felt like he’d just ran two planets. He couldn’t process anything.

“You—I—you died—”

“I did.” Boboiboy’s tone was low and desperate. “My master gave me a second chance. He let me live. One more time. He gave me this new form.” He turned towards Reverse, who was drifting in and out of consciousness as he held Boboiboy’s hand. “My brother achieved his mirror form earlier than me.”

Fang was silent. His body seemed like they were made of rubber. He could only watch as the new albino Boboiboy sob over brunette Reverse, being unable to help. There was nothing he could do to heal him. Not without help.

“You fulfilled our promise, Reverse. I’m so sorry I didn’t,” Boboiboy choked through tears. “I’m sorry.”

Reverse coughed on his own blood. “Fuck you. Yo—you were dead.” His eyes squeezed shut, and the life seemed to return to his skin. The bruises around his arms seem to fade slightly.

Fang almost forgotten than both of them had accelerated healing. Compared to the rest, they could recover from papercuts in mere seconds whereas the others had to suffer from the dreadful agony for minutes.

Reverse ruffled Boboiboy’s bushy silver hair. “Don’t do that again.”

Boboiboy smiled through tears, beaming ear to ear. He tackled Reverse into a hug, jostling the cap on his head in the process.

“Hate to interrupt.” Fang’s voice was silent, almost dead, even. He propped himself against a nearby wall. His mind was still overwhelmed by the new information he was seeing. “But what’s going on? Who’s your master?”

Boboiboy avoided eye contact, as if he was ashamed of something he’s done. Maybe he knew that Fang was aware that he was a murderer, that he’d killed his brother, the commander, and so much more. Maybe he was ashamed to face him in the same form of his twin brother, though not as sarcastic or psychopathic. Or maybe he’s scared of what he’s become.

The elemental manipulator draped his twin’s arm over his shoulder, helping him to stand. Reverse didn’t object, seeming that he was currently still wounded and weak.

How did Fang manage to overpower Reverse so quickly? How did Boboiboy manage to destroy his shadows so quickly when Reverse couldn’t even scratch them? Was it related to the forms they were residing in?

“Where are you going?” Fang forced out, his vocal chords dry. “You can’t—you can’t leave again.”

Boboiboy turned his head slowly, movements holding an uncanny resemblance to a robot’s. With scarlet eyes, he regarded his presence in a depressed determination, with a sprinkle of finalization. As if his hair was growing out, the colour brown bled into his silver hair and his eyes melted into chocolate. Reverse’s hair paled silver and his eyes blazed red, the cap passed over to Boboiboy. Their roles have been restored.

“I’m sorry, Fang.” A black ship materialized outside the hanger, a corridor attached to the station which penetrated the invisible barrier that segregated air and the vacuum. The entrance had white lights, and it blinded Fang’s vision. The moment he regained his bearings, both Boboiboy and Reverse were gone.

* * *

Eight Hours Ago

Bam! The earth exploded from the ground, followed by a casket lid that was shot off into oblivion. A silver-haired figure burst from the grave—quite literally—and gasped for air.

“Fucking losers almost killed me a second time,” Boboiboy gasped, pounding at his chest to get air in his previously decaying lungs. “I’m never trusting them ever again.”

Looking around, he realized that his field of vision had shifted. He could see something more now. He could see the life force of every living thing around him. Trees, grass, birds, and even insects.

He regained his sense of balance and direction and dragged himself towards the nearest beach. The air was comforting in a sense, and it was definitely a seller when compared to the small space six feet under. They did not serve fresh sushi and he did not take kindly to that.

Splashing his face with the cold sea water, he managed to refresh his senses and recall the previous events. He could hear everything that his brother had said to him during his death time. He could sense the sadness that Fang had radiated during his funeral. He could remember everything.

Everything but the name of his killer.

He didn’t know why, but tears sprung to his eyes. Why was everything so frustrating? Why did he have to die and be resurrected? Who resurrected him?

Then he noticed his distorted appearance. As the water below his feet calmed, he could gain a clear view of himself under the reflection of the moonlight. One look at his hair and eyes—and he knew what had brought him back from the arms of death.

He grinned sadly.

“Thank you, master.”

He rose from the harbour and took off in search of his twin brother.

* * *

Okay this needs some explaining.

You guys know that Boboiboy’s new elements save him from certain death, right? Like how Daun appeared after he hit his head to minimize the damage which in return saved his life, and how Solar bitch-slapped Vargoba in the face after he was yeeted into space.

Boboiboy died yeah, but his powers prevented him to. Like Reverse, he has a “mirror form” which in other AUs, are called Reverse. But since Reverse is an individual character here, their inverted forms are called “mirror forms”.

Boboiboy’s and Reverse’s mirror forms are different. 

Reverse has natural white hair and red eyes, so if he’s in his mirror form/reverse form, his appearance will shift to the OG Boboiboy, and so does his powers. 

Boboiboy has natural brown hair and eyes. In his mirror/reverse form, his appearance will change to Reverse’s and his powers will also change to Reverse’s.

Their personalities won’t change if they’re shifting to their mirror forms.

This sounds boring actually so yeah.

Also did I mention that Kaizo is never coming back-

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