Mirror [Reverse AU] [Completed]

Chapter 13

The day he knew Boboiboy was dead, Reverse was devastated. He hadn’t expected for him to die earlier than him. He thought Boboiboy was the one that was going to mourn over his death, but no. Life pulled an UNO reverse card on him, which was ironic as an elephant terrified of a mouse.

How did he know? Simple. The news was milking this story like there was no tomorrow. Conspiracy theories have been spawned, and most of them were blasphemous. There were no accurate assumptions that could be classified as logical or even involve the topic common sense.

He would avenge him.

Even if it’s the last thing he’ll do.

* * *

Move on, they said. It’s been months.

Yeah, Fang thought miserably. Easy for them to say.

With Reverse back on earth, Yaya and Fang were recalled to TAPOPS to resume their regular lives. Fang moved into Gopal and Boboiboy’s shared room—now discarded—and took Boboiboy’s bunk, which seemed inappropriate. This was once a place where Boboiboy had dreamed of so many things, but those dreams of his were ultimately lost in his death.

Maybe Boboiboy was a killer. Maybe he was a criminal before. That didn’t change the fact that he’d turned Fang into a better person, even if it was a mere act. It had changed his life forever.

He didn’t tell his friends what he found. They didn’t need to know. This was something between him and Reverse solely. Something that would cause the universe to cascade in chaos if leaked.

I’ll be your hero.

If Boboiboy was a villain, he was the hero.

Just not anymore.

* * *

Ying tossed and turned in her bed. As much as she was encouraging everyone to move on and live, something was nagging at her mind. She was quick, straightforward and always on the point, but this time, she couldn’t put her finger on this suspicion.

Something was very wrong.

She rubbed her eyes in order to wake herself. Naturally, she reached for the glasses on her dresser.

Oh, right, she remembered. Yaya’s back to TAPOPS.

She rose from her bed and walked towards the window in her room. Looking up to the onyx blue night with only a huge full moon, round and plump.

Somewhere out there, was her best friend and Fang.

They are still out there.

Somewhere far away.

Smiling, she removed her glasses and tucked herself under her covers, brushing her long hair out of her face in the process.

I’ll be waiting.

* * *

Reverse stared up to the silvery light of the full moon, letting the liquid silver drape over him. Once, this moon used to be symbolic. It was their signal of reuniting in where they were separated.

Now, the moon had returned, but his brother will never return.

It’s time to stop grieving and time to start avenging.

Hands balling into a fist, scarlet eyes glared into the night as he had his first target.

* * *

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