Mirror [Reverse AU] [Completed]

Chapter 12

Three years ago.

Reverse held his hood down, careful to hide his traits as he awaited the train to arrive. It’s been a year since he saw his brother, and he couldn’t be more excited.

Sneaking into the train station was a thrill. His powers made it easy for him. Eventually, the echo of a train’s arrival resonated in the air, and his eyes perked up as the vehicle pulled up at the station.

He studied the passengers that spilled out the station. All of them were businessmen or families, but there was no sign of that familiar orange cap.

Frowning, he turned around to check his arrival time, and his brother jumped him by holding a plastic gun to his face.

Reverse grunted. “What a welcome.”

Boboiboy smirked. “Sorry for the wait! There were some villains over there, and they were being quite stubborn.”

He pocketed the gun.

“That’s a fake gun, right?” Reverse asked sceptically.

Boboiboy shrugged. “If you want to believe it, then yeah. It’s fake as long as I don’t pull the trigger.”

He pulled Reverse into a hug. The albino returned the embrace, and noticed that Boboiboy wasn’t as trained as before. His muscles weren’t as taut and were softer.

Pulling apart, he lifted his brother’s right wrist and examined the watch. It was set to a level to not kill.

“There were children there,” Boboiboy argued as his twin glared at him.

We’re children, you twat.” Reverse set his watch to its base setting, fixated to kill. “You shouldn’t let your guard down. I saw it all on the news.”

“Yeah, but—”

“No buts!” Reverse grabbed his wrist and dragged him off to the exit of the station. “Come on. It’s been so boring without you. Let’s destroy a bank or whatever.”

“I could stay here with you,” Boboiboy protested, letting his twin drag him. “I could leave Pulau Rintis.”

“No,” Reverse insisted, dodging crowds of tourists. “You’re staying there. Listen to your elders.”

“You’re three minutes older!”

The argument ended with the sight of a bank robbery. Reverse groaned. That’s where they were supposed to hit first. He glanced at his twin, who was already pumped for some action.

Reverse shrugged. Both of them transformed into their individual equivalent of their lightning elementals and lunged at the robbers, beheading them and destroying their getaway vehicles in the process.

* * *

The day had been well-spent after setting three buildings on fire (sorry not sorry), murdering some drunkards in alleyways (still not sorry) and raiding an ice-cream shop (worth the time). No moment was wasted, because they’d spent their day together.

Both of them missed these moments. It wasn’t the same when they were fighting alone. It could be the conspiracy theory of twins sharing an empathy link, but in battle, they knew each other like the back of their palm. They knew what the other was going to do next. They could complete each other’s sentences.

But now, they were separated. Reverse was always on the run, going from city to city, country to country. Boboiboy had the illusion of a hero occupation on an island. They weren’t meant to spend time together because of their worlds.

They wanted to be with each other, but the circumstances were nearly impossible. Both of them had enemies that would stop at nothing to tear them apart. Sure, they were potent, but if their enemies aligned forces, they would be as good as dead.

Besides, Reverse’s enemies were heroes. They didn’t have powers, but they were undercover spies that were their age. They knew all about Boboiboy, but they never managed to piece the puzzles together that he and their enemy were related by blood.

They sat on the tallest building in the centre of the city, legs dangling off the skyscraper and enjoying the twilight of the night.

“I’ll have to leave tomorrow,” Reverse muttered, tossing a cola can off the skyscraper. If that hit someone, then they would be delighted to see the carnage.

Boboiboy nodded. “When are we going to meet next? I might not be on Earth. An alien offered me to join his organization.”

Reverse grinned, thought it was pained. “Cool. Bring me back some space souvenirs.” He faltered. “I have to leave this country as well.”

They fell silent. The only times that they were able to communicate was when a full moon happens, and that was rare. Not the kind of shabby circle in the sky, but an actual full moon with no stars or clouds. They’d promised to meet each other in the city every day afterwards, and only one day and one night.

But now… they were forced apart by their own worlds.

“Maybe I’ll come to space and find you,” Reverse cracked. “I’m pretty sure you’ll make a name for yourself. Looking for you won’t be too difficult.”

Boboiboy giggled. “Yeah. I will. Don’t make it too obvious.”

“You’ll know when I’m with you.”

“I will.”

That was the last time they met in person.

* * *

Two years later.

Reverse, by some miracle, had managed to make it into space and the power sphere protection base. It was relatively easy after some soundless murders. He would watch in the shadows as his brother trained, ate, and worked inside.

He knew he shouldn’t just jump out. Boboiboy would probably join him in killing everyone in this station, and he didn’t want that. Not yet.

There was one power that he and Boboiboy both shared, and nobody else knew.

He saw a pair of shields and he took the chance.

* * *


Cold wind ruffled his silver hair. Red eyes gleamed in the darkness, though it seemed more saddened than killing. He sat crossed-legged, back hunched as he stared at the tombstone before him.

“You broke our promise, you dolt.”

Deciding that it was raining, he brushed his hand against the tombstone and bid him a farewell. He didn’t know why only his face was moist.

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