Mirror [Reverse AU] [Completed]

Chapter 11

Was it really their fault?

If Boboiboy hadn’t met them, would he still be alive and well?

Fang shook the thought out of his head. He’d seen Boboiboy’s expressions when his friends were hurt. He’d seen him cry over deaths of people that weren’t remotely close to him. Someone like him couldn’t be a killer. Especially not someone as heroic as Boboiboy.

Or can he?

In battles, he had always displayed a brutality that no one’s seen before. Sure, they weren’t visible in elementals such as Leaf or Wind, but it was there. The roughness of a killer was definitely implanted in every battle. It was obvious when it came to elements such as Fire or Lightning, and the occasional Earth.

Still, it wasn’t something to trust so easy. There was no telling what he was hiding. He’d never shared his past or family from the city before, and it was Fang’s active search that led him to where he was now.

He could only sit before Boboiboy’s tombstone, hand brushing against the stone in grief.

Yeah. Maybe it was his fault after all.

He’d once thought of Boboiboy as a hindrance, in a time where their friendship seemed impossible. An alien spy and a human boy. They lived in two different worlds and their personalities were polar opposites.

Now Reverse was in the picture… wearing a face that was similar to his friend. Come to think of it, they weren’t so different. Boboiboy had changed, but Reverse didn’t.

But did he?

What was he like? If Boboiboy was really a killer, how could he sleep knowing that he’d taken innocents? He’d stolen so many futures and dreams, all for what? Some thrill? A purpose? An anti-hero?

Suddenly the elemental didn’t seem so heroic after all.

* * *

“You sure are suicidal,” Reverse remarked, “coming to look for me.”

Fang glared at the white-haired boy. He was sitting on the steps inside the abandoned mansion, where he had once declared war on his twin brother.

“I need answers,” he said coldly. “Why did you two kill? You mentioned the government looking for you two. Is that why?”

Reverse looked down, as if he was ruminating the moments of the past.

“I’ll let you in on this one.” Reverse looked up and stared into Fang’s eyes, his red eyes bone-chilling. “When we were children, he was pushed into the road by some numbskull. The lights were green, and he was injured and small, so the drivers didn’t see him.”

He paused, lacing his hands together. “I jumped in to save him, but in the process, we almost died together. We’re lucky to be in one piece. He was fragile and terribly sick, so I had to take care of him most of the time. I guess he learned from my psychopathic side as he grew, because when we reached 6, he set our room on fire.”

“Say what?” Fang demanded, brain gears clicking. “Fire… when he first unlocked his fire element, he sleepwalked because it was dominant. He didn’t even realize it was controlling him.”

“Not exactly what happened back then,” he denied. “At any rate, instead of burning alive, someone appeared in our room and said, ‘Here. Take these or you’ll die. Just pledge to me that you two will be my successors.'” Reverse looked down. “That was when we got our powers.”

“Who was that?”

“I don’t know,” Reverse admitted. “We never heard from him again. Especially with our parents selling us off to the government, we had to run and kill people because they were also after us.”

Fang pondered his words. So their world was introduced to the topic of superpowers long before his friends got theirs. Maybe it was why their society was so accepting towards their abilities instead of being disgusted and afraid.

In exchange, Boboiboy and Reverse were the ones that suffered for their freedom.

At least he now had some understanding. They were someone’s successors. Of whom? There were enough villains as they were. If Reverse’s previous statements had been true, he should be the best villain. Who would be more scary and powerful to surpass Reverse?

Fang nodded stiffly. “I’m sorry for your childhood.”

Reverse snorted. “You fucking me? Don’t try to fake sympathy.”

“I’m not,” he argued. “I spent my life in a ship and a brother who only cares about my skill. Until recently he died and I couldn’t even say goodbye. Who you killed.”

“I killed no one on your goddamn ship,” Reverse growled. “Sure. I stole your powers. That doesn’t mean I killed anyone.”

“Then who?” Fang scowled. “Teleportation and fire. Ochobot’s the only one who has that power and Boboiboy sure as hell doesn’t need lighters to make fire.”

Reverse rose, his expression inpatient. He was much like Thunderstorm, albeit a less serious and a more sadistic one.

Then he laughed, driving Fang into deeper confusion.

“What’s so funny?” Fang balled his fists.

“At your stupidity!” Reverse snorted. “You want to know who killed your brother? Well, you can’t get revenge, because he’s fucking six feet under!”

“What do you mean? Who’s that?”

“Your so-called hero, of course!” Reverse waved his hand in dismissal. “Oh, you fucks are so gullible. Now I know that he still has it in him…”

Reverse left the mansion, his footsteps cold and hard. He never once turned to witness Fang’s reaction, who had dropped to his knees in disbelief.

* * *

One kill. That’s all. It’s been a while since he killed somebody and he was itching for some action.

Boboiboy’s hands flew on the laptop. He only had moments before Ochobot realized that someone was hacking into his systems. Pressing on the keyboard to confirm, a miniature portal opened up and revealed Kaizo’s room.

There were papers on the table, and on it were characteristics of his twin brother. He couldn’t let anyone get to him.

Lighting the lighter, he dropped the flame into his room, and watched the world burn.

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