Mirror [Reverse AU] [Completed]

Chapter 1

Fang’s eyes skimmed through the screen. For high-class fighters and analysers, neither of them took the liberty of searching the security tapes. And you wonder why he’d prophesized that he’d roll his eyes off in the near future.

He typed in the date and location of the incident. The power sphere room, where Bellbot and Cattus were stationed. His eyes squinted, soaking up every bit of abnormal activity that occurred within the perimeter.

The tape was conveniently eight hours, so Fang would have to endure it. Eventually, his prayers were answered. A white-haired figure entered the room. Due to the angle of the camera, his face was obscured by his hair. He was wearing a black turtleneck shirt on pale skin.

Fang frowned. Who was this?

He watched as the figure approached dormant power spheres, such as Emotibot and Motobot. However, he seemed to have deemed them disinteresting, for he had proceeded to the next power sphere in line.

Bellbot and Cattus.

The figure raised his left wrist, with his watch’s screen facing the duo. A blood red flash emitted, and the crime was committed. As soon as he entered the room, he fled like the wind.

Quickly, Fang changed the channels. But as mysterious as the night, the figure had completely vanished upon exiting the power sphere room.

“Anything?” Boboiboy plopped himself next to him.

Fang nodded gravely. “He has a power watch. One that could steal powers. I saw it myself. The cameras proved it.”

He shifted the scene where the intruder’s features were visible. Boboiboy frowned at the sudden development, and rose.

“I’ll get this to the admiral.” Boboiboy’s fingers flew on the panel. “We have a new lead. If we know what to look out for, this shouldn’t be too difficult.”

Fang nodded. “Let’s hope we can bring him to justice soon.”

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