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Kami [ONC II Shortlister]

Kami [ONC II Shortlister]







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Kami [ONC II Shortlister]

Author: Octavia Locke

Published: 2019

Parts: 12

Want to spend your summer mired in some millenniums-long blood feud between Shinto deities?


Well, neither did twenty-year-old Juliana Nagisaka, but when summer vacation starts with the discovery of her grandmother’s corpse, and leads to her inheriting a mysterious power that causes Juliana to imbue life into folded bits of paper, she’s got no choice.

With the aloof god of storms and seas as Juliana’s only bulwark between herself and the always peeved goddess of the sun, Amaterasu, Juliana must learn to master her newfound powers all while dodging the fireballs of the leather-clad god of fire, Kagutsuchi, if she hopes to keep those she cherishes alive. But when Juliana discovers the truth behind her powers and her grandmother’s death, Juliana must choose: accept the power she’s been given, or say damn all and do what she wants, even if that means killing what’s immortal.