Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 1 - Chapter 200

Chapter 1 - Chapter 200

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As expected, he had a hidden ace. Zhou Weiqing, who was still in mid air, smiled. Earlier, in order to fire the arrow with the Absolute Defense, he had used his left foot to support to bow and fired it with his left hand. When Lin TianAo blocked Yun Li’s attack, the dark gold light appeared around Zhou Weiqing as the two Legendary Hammers appeared in his hands.

From Lin TianAo’s perspective, the combination of Zhou Weiqing and Yun Li was naturally of Zhou Weiqing’s powerful control skills and Yun Li’s final attack to lift him off his feet.

After blocking Yun Li’s blow, although Lin TianAo had suffered an injury, he was extremely happy as in his mind, he had already won the bet. Zhou Weiqing had used several skills consecutively, and in his mind should be out of options by now. Furthermore, his shield was blocking his vision, and his focus distracted by Yun Li. As such, he did not notice the two hammers appearing.

By the time Lin TianAo realised that something wasn’t right, it was too late and he could not even react. The Heavenly Lightning Shock was still active on its last second, and he still couldn’t use his Stored Skills. The Curse of Doom was also still active; the Illusory Shield was used up, and the Absolute Delay was also on its 2nd second of duration. Without question, this was Lin TianAo’s weakest point ever, and it had been arranged by Zhou Weiqing’s intricate plan and myriad of skills.

Indeed, Yun Li was considered the main attack of this sneak attack. However, Zhou Weiqing had already expected that Lin TianAo would have something else up his sleeve. As such, Yun Li’s use was more to draw out the final ace, and in his plan, the final attack was still up to himself – the final attack that had once damaged a Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master.

The Tornado Strike rose up around Zhou Weiqing’s body and his power increased. The twin hammers were already out, and the Silver Emperor Spatial Rend (the dual attribute combination skill of the Silver Emperor) was already used on hammers. Zhou Weiqing’s boosts and support skills were way above what Yun Li had.


The entire underground arena shook, in fact the entire Trading Center’s ground shook, as the two hammers slammed down.

Zhou Weiqing’s attack was not targeted at Lin TianAo. Even with so many buffs and support skills, he had no confidence of destroying Lin TianAo’s heavy shield. After all, that was a 5-Jewel Assembly Set Consolidated Equipment, and was indeed much too powerful. However, even if he couldn’t break the shield, he could just break the ground! So what if it was made of titanium alloy! As such, the Silver Emperor Spatial Rend on the twin hammers boosted by the Tornado Strike slammed savagely onto the floor. The one who was backed against the wall this time was not Zhou Weiqing’s team, but Lin TianAo. He had so much power and skills, but was unable to fully use them not just due to the limitations of the bet, but also the many control and debuff skills that Zhou Weiqing had. With a massive clashing sound, the reverberations of the floor made him unable to keep his balance, and he was swept off his feet by the huge, terrifying shockwave, flying back all the way to crash awkwardly into the floor of the arena room. The sheer sound of the explosion was so loud that it sounded like hundreds of thousands of bees buzzing, and the result of it was the entire arena room looking in total ruins.

Naturally, the entire floor could not be made totally from titanium alloy, and this blow from Zhou Weiqing had smashed through the one chi thick titanium alloy layer right down to the bedrock below. The terrifying destructive power of the boosted Silver Emperor Spatial Rend reached all the way down more than fifteen yards, destroying titanium alloy and rock alike, smashing them into smithereens. The entire center of the arena room was caved in more than three metres down, and this was even after the titanium floor had blocked off a lot of the damage.

Even Zhou Weiqing was himself shaken by the backlash of the blow, but he was after all the owner of the legendary hammers, and they were able to block and dissipate much of the backlash and ensuing shockwave. Even so, after everything settled down, Zhou Weiqing was in a mess.

Lin TianAo slid down the wall, totally shaken and dazed. In his mind, there was a single thought – Such an attack, even if he were at his full power and without restrictions, could he actually take it without moving?

Yun Li was at the side, his mouth twitching, and the ringing in his ear making him feel like he wanted to die. He just wanted to ask Zhou Weiqing one question – Are you really human? Is this really an attack from a three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master? However, despite his shock, he was also filled with joy. After all, he had recognized the pair of hammers in Zhou Weiqing’s hands, that was indeed the Consolidated Equipment of the first God Tier Design he had seen in their bet earlier! He actually managed to already have a Consolidated Legendary Set Equipment, that was extremely unbelievable.

In this short moment where everyone stood, stunned, not just Yun Li, but also Lin TianAo had the same thought arise suddenly. It was indeed not shameful to lose to someone like this! They had truly underestimated Zhou Weiqing… how could he be compared to any ordinary three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master?

By now, the red-robed man had awoken from his dazed state. When he saw the huge hole in the ground, his face changed. At this point, the incense in his stick had disappeared, with no one any wiser to where it had dropped to. Due to the dazed state he was in earlier, he had totally no idea what had happened earlier, but he could see the result. Without question, Zhou Weiqing and Yun Li had won this bet.

Zhou Weiqing sat down on the floor suddenly, panting and gasping for breath. By now, all his Consolidated Equipment had disappeared.

Although he had won, he had truly expended every ounce of energy and spirit he had in that long chain of attacks, all his focus in planning that all out. Zhou Weiqing was sure that if Lin TianAo had been able to move or use both his hands, he and Yun Li would still have lost in the end. He might have a power way beyond any three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, but this Lin TianAo was also at a power level way beyond any five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master as well.

When a ‘disgusting’ fellow met another ‘disgusting’ fellow, the final result would depend on who is more ‘disgusting’. The final result was our dear Zhou Weiqing with his Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewels had barely eked out a win. No matter how difficult it had been, they had won this bet!

Right at that moment, there was a loud commotion from outside, along with the resounding sound of many footsteps running towards them. With a loud bang, the arena door was slammed open, and about seven to eight red robed men appeared in the room quickly. When these men entered, the brows of Zhou Weiqing, Lin TianAo and Yun Li all jumped. These men all had powerful auras, the weakest of whom were still equal to Lin TianAo.

That was to say, they were all at least five-Jewel Heavenly Jewel Masters or above!

Even for a large empire like the Fei Li Empire, there weren’t more than five hundred Heavenly Jewel Masters added up together, and for those of a cultivation level above five-Jewels, there couldn’t be much more than a hundred or so. For seven or eight of them to appear here, with some of them clearly of an even higher level, that clearly showed how powerful this Underground Arena truly was.

Among the red robed men who had charged in, the one who looked like the leader had three gold stripes on the sleeve of his robes, signifying his rank and also power amongst the others. As soon as he entered, he spotted the huge hole in the floor, and his face changed slightly. In a solemn tone, he asked: “What’s going on here?”

All of the red robed men were also masked, hiding their true identities.

“Arena Master, this was the result of their fight.” The red robed man originally in charge of the number 7 room quickly stepped forward and said respectfully.

The leader’s gaze swept across the three of them, and when his gaze fell upon Zhou Weiqing, he hesitated a moment, the look in his eyes changing slightly. However, at that point, Zhou Weiqing had just stood up and did not notice it.

The Arena Master said solemnly: “Is the fight and bet over?”

“Yes, it is already over.”

Continuing coldly, the Arena Master said: “Let them pay for the damages, one hundred thousand gold coins, otherwise they are not allowed to leave.”


After saying that, the Arena Master left along with the other red robed men. As for Zhou Weiqing and the other two, they had recovered a little by now, and walked to the door.

The original red robed man was the only remaining, and the expression on his face was extremely ugly. This was after all the room he was in charge of, and with such a serious damage, it would take a long time to repair. Furthermore, the pain and dazed state he was in earlier had given him a really bad mood; although he did not know what had happened exactly, he knew it definitely had to have some connection with the three fellows in front of him. After all, he had not seen the most exciting last three seconds of the fight.

“I’ll pay, I’ll pay.” Zhou Weiqing grinned, quickly taking out his membership card. His body was now very relaxed, and he was in a very good mood. After all, he had already been very happy to get Yun Li, a High Level Consolidating Equipment Master, as his Follower. Now, this Lin TianAo was an even bigger grab. Such a defense, if he was his bodyguard, even if he ran into Ming Wu again, they would be able to defend themselves for a while. Thinking about this, Zhou Weiqing felt a sense of delight. Staring at Lin TianAo with a grin on his face, causing Lin TianAo to feel a shiver down his back as he began to doubt the sexual orientation of Zhou Weiqing…

After paying the ten thousand gold coins, Zhou Weiqing turned back to look at Lin TianAo, a big smile on his face, though he did not say anything.

How could Lin TianAo not know what this fellow was thinking… Naturally he was afraid that Lin TianAo might break his word, and was making use of the arena’s binding contract power to let him admit his defeat.

“I have lost. I am a man of my word. Come on then.” Lin TianAo let loose a long sigh as he admitted defeat. He was not as torn and conflicted by the loss as Yun Li previously. No matter how sad he was, he was after all the one had challenged them, and a loss was a loss. It was his own fault for being greedy! He knew that Zhou Weiqing had the Darkness Attribute, and was likely to have his own Sealing powers.

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