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Frost on the Grasslands | Shelha Series 1

Frost on the Grasslands | Shelha Series 1







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It’s not supposed to snow in the South Forest, but the weather in the second-emptiest corner of Shelha is not the only thing behaving strangely. When an ex-tyrant started acting up again, Sethral had hoped it meant the end of lazy days and monotonous, lengthening winters. She is starting to regret what she wished for.

Winter the Mountainair has settled in the south, forfeiting her migratory habits and taking a renewed interest in a lifestyle she dropped years ago. Just why is a mystery, but then again, most things about her are.

It takes a handful of new friends for Sethral to realize there are still creatures who know who Winter used to be. It takes Winter’s reaction to their friendship to realize the tyrant would rather those creatures disappear. Now the peace of the forest may rest on finding those who can help reassemble the world’s past and Winter’s… before Winter finds them herself.

Published: 2021

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