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Firestorm Descent

Firestorm: Descent

Author: Alan Porter

Published: 2014

Parts: 29

A world ravaged by war; humanity on the brink.
A stranger comes from another time.
Is he the saviour mankind has been waiting for… or something far darker?

When an accident with an experimental Time Machine plunges David Tweed into another dimension, at first he thinks he got lucky. He’s alive, and the world in which he finds himself seems remarkably familiar.
Soon, however, he begins to realise how strange this world really is, how tangible is the evil that crawls across the shattered landscape.
But strangest of all, everyone he meets seems to have been expecting him. How do they know who he is, and just what have they been waiting for him to do?

Alan Porter weaves a deceptively simple story of one man’s courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Yet Firestorm is also a fiendishly complex puzzle, where time twists in on itself and nothing is ever quite what it seems.

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