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"Elves of the Northern Vale" A Tundrawolf Story







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As happened many times in the past the Fell Ice once again charged down from the north and attacked the world in its effort to turn it into a frozen ball of ice. Only the White Magic and it’s ally the Sun could stand against such a vast enemy.

From their home in the Valley of the Sun the great tribe of Elves could only watch as the monumental fight unfolded. As the battle intensified and the valley became threatened the tribe separated back into their four original tribes and each made their way back to their ancestral homes. Within their Vales, behind thick stone walls and under powerful domes of magic, they were protected from the onslaught upon the earth. The Elves watched for thousands upon thousands of turns as the war raged overhead. The Fell Ice against the Sun and the White Magic were locked in a struggle lasting for an age, with neither side claiming victory as the earth was ravaged.

In time the Fell Ice retreated, as it had so many times in the past. Beaten, yet not defeated, only biding it’s time for the next attack. It returned to its frozen Kingdom at the Top of the World, thus ending this last Age of Ice. This time, as the earth warmed around them, the Elves remained secluded from the world in their hidden Vales. They observed from afar life returning to the lands and took stock of man becoming the dominant ones as their numbers grew and spread.

As the Elves watched they felt safe and secure in their Vale strongholds. They had no idea of the danger that was about to befall them.
This is a stand-alone sequel to my story “Druids Bane“.