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Distantly Falling Stars (GRAND WINNER * ONC 2019)

Distantly Falling Stars (GRAND WINNER * ONC 2019)






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Author: Berengaria di Rossi

Published: 2019

Parts: 12

Seti, a humble civil servant at the Office of Information, is selected for an important mission to retrieve a cluster of ‘fallen stars’ with very special, and very secret, properties.

But why has he — ambitionless and without influence as he is — been chosen? And just who wants these particular stars at all costs?

As Seti becomes more and more involved in the machinations of shadowy figures, he realises he has his own personal mission to fulfil, and it has nothing to do with the one he was selected for.

Distantly Falling Stars is punk genre thriller set in ancient Egypt following the 2019 Open Novella II prompt #2. (Wicked Meteors)