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Dekker's Dozen: The Last Watchmen

Dekker's Dozen: The Last Watchmen






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When a demon-possessed tree tries to impose its will on the universe, the future turns dark. But what does Dekker want? The leader of the only mercenary squad capable of standing in the enemy’s way would be content if his ex-girlfriend and business partner promised not to stab him again. As he and his eleven teammates track down the intergalactic assassin who stalked his family for generations, they encounter Ezekiel, a mysterious man claiming to be a time-traveler and ancient prophet. Ezekiel claims Dekker will responsible for the annihilation of all reality–but worse, he knows all of Dekker’s secrets: that he wields an ancient, celestial weapon, was once married to a terrorist, and is the last member of the Watchmen–an ancient secret society with one purpose.

At Ezekiel’s insistence, and with a super-weapon in the hands of warring armies, Dekker and his team must do the unthinkable to prevent the Sun’s annihilation before his archenemy can bring what Ezekiel calls “the divine engines of reality” to a grinding halt–breaking all of existence–destroying all that is, will be, and ever was!

Steampunk time-travel, cyborg ninjas, plant-spore-controlled unicorn zombies, a deep-space plague, ghost warships, alien cat-people, living planets, and star destroying Hassidic superweapons converge in one epic, but doomed, timeline.

Published: 2017