Chapter 1 - First Flight

Some say they’ve encountered aliens.

Some claim that they’ve even battled them once or twice.

Scientists state that they’ve discovered stuff in space that no one’s heard of: planets, black holes, UFOs, etc.

That’s not even a fraction of the discoveries other planets make in space. And sometimes, discoveries start adventures. Adventures start friendships. And this isn’t going to continue because… spoilers!

… you don’t get it, do you? Okay, fine. Let’s start small. Our story starts with the Betelgeuse Residence; a little planet consisting of seven rings, located only 20 planets away from the bright star Betelgeuse. Just 900 kilometers in diameter, the Betelgeuse Residence is known for its colorful and wacky gardens- oh, and did we forget to mention the Aviators?

If you don’t know what an Aviator is, an Aviator is a fancy and more interesting word for ‘pilot’… in Englanginsh, of course. They usually serve as the best J-ET90 fighters or great mechanics in making the most complicated space ships, from the Laggy ’94 with its iconic banana-yellow color or the Andromeda//24 that took more than eight decades to finish because of its vast size, height and endurance in the rough districts or planets of space.

All kids wanted to become young Aviators and Aviatrixes when they grow up- and it takes a lot of patience to be one. First, you’d have to be 18 and over so you’d be counted as an adult as you register. Also, it’s a nice touch so if you die on your first day, not many people would mourn for you but would just go like, “Oh. Lorri Mackrose? He’s dead? What a shame! I’m so sorry…”

And that is what Crimson Roth always dreamed about for the most of her living in her sixteen years of life. She wanted to fly and see Earth’s moon, or maybe venture off to Planet Twestillicon to see where some very ancient scientists have dumped the now-extinct Velabrogg breed.

Crimson was a young adult with curly red-ginger hair and dark skin that seemed like she was made of cocoa powder. She had emerald eyes and soft cream lips that often is used to curve into a mischievous smile. Her face was painted in freckles, as if Crimson had been splattered with chocolate sauce. Overall, she was just punk-stunning.

Being 16 and ever so impatient, she waited for her 18th birthday. Two more years? Who could even stand that? she thought. Crimson had enrolled in the Junior Aviatrix League for many years now- under different names- but all the letters she received were just rejection letters that told her she wasn’t old enough to be one and she’d have to take the wait.

Crimson hated waiting. Oh, but she loved the attention she gets from her family and friends, about being some of the first youngest Aviatrixes. Well, pre-Aviatrix; not officially one. Crimson could build little space ships well to endure about a day or two, or how to fly one perhaps. But that was with the allowance of her grandfather, who was an Aviator himself.

“Grandpapa,” Crimson asked one day; after successfully flying and landing a HMSS de Beauregarde, she was exhausted. “Grandpapa… do you think I’ll be a great Junior Aviatrix someday? I’d love to be in the League with Sasha Dharling- she’s been accepted!” All her grandfather did was laugh.

“Oh, Crimson Roth…” he said, “you are an Aviatrix. You can build ships, you can even fly one!” He patted her back. “There’s no need for any silly flight school for your kind of people. You are already my perfect Aviatrix!” And with that, Crimson’s grandfather gave her a gentle hug.

But all Crimson heard was just a lie. She actually built the many not-so-everlasting SeedSingles with the help of a manual and an old rule book she found in the garage. And she knew Grandfather had turned on the Auto-Flight mode so she wouldn’t destroy her little dependent ship. It was all just a lie.

Crimson could also tell that her Grandfather- or any of the Roth family members- didn’t want her to join the Intergalactic Aviatrix Army. Of course, there’s a large possibility of death- her death– and that wouldn’t be at all good news to her family. So all Crimson could do was to dream about flying a space ship and all. She didn’t know when that dream would end.


It was Enüj the 24th, the year 52560 and also known as the Junior Aviator’s Tournament. The Tournament tested all of those who were of age to try and fly a Bingo 200. Of course, Crimson knew how to fly a Bingo 200, but she couldn’t fly a Bingo 200. All she did was picture her fly, pressing all those buttons that resulted in a fantastic ride.

On that day; Crimson, her parent and her brother Otis would sit on the second-floor Balcony and spectate the race. Crimson enjoyed the thrill of it- the dust flying in the air and the zoom sound of the ships’ engines. It would be unfortunate to watch the race on the first floor though, because sand would be blowing into your hair and discombobulating your sight of the magnificent vehicles, you could barely see them at all!

And Crimson’s favorite Aviator? She didn’t know who to pick. But if she had to, her favorite would be Chester Caspian; a 25-year-old Aviator who has won many golden medals and trophies for his outstanding career in Flight. He was very attractive, with his long brown hair in a ponytail and fantastic wardrobe choices. Crimson really wanted to have his great skills… She really did…

The Roth family took a seat on the highest floor, so they would be able to spectate the race from high above. Otis was not a fan of racing, though he did enjoy the thrill, and pressed his chest onto the railed balcony. “When is the race  starting? This is boring; waiting is so boring,” Otis wailed, slumping down to his seat.

“In a few minutes,” Crimson said. Their parents had gone down to the second floor of the spectator’s seats to get a few good snacks. “You have an Aviator you’re rooting for? I’m excited for Chester Caspian to win. He’s such a sweetheart, and so good in the ‘art of flying’ you won’t believe how many Tournaments he’s won!”

Otis groaned, “Yeah, right.” He pointed at a burly, green alien with a red Mohawk waited outside the ship. It just wore a white shirt that covered its slimy, scaly skin and wore it with a matching tuxedo. “There, you see? Gaia the Second, also known as Macho ‘Ace’ Master. He’s really cool!”

“Macho lost against Chester. He lost again. Ditto,” Crimson retorted, not at all on the same boat as her younger brother. “No way Macho would win against Chester- it’s going to make headlines. And Macho never makes it to the headlines.” She took out a couple of moonstones. “What? You wanna gamble?”

Otis took out his; it was a slightly larger amount than Crimson’s. “Mom told us not to. But…” he placed three of his moonstones onto the chair’s arm. “I bet this amount that Chester’s going to win.”

Crimson shook her head. She placed four more moonstones. “Loser,” she mocked, grinning cheekily. Otis’ cheeks blushed red and sneered wickedly. He added two. Crimson added five more. He pile kept adding up until they both had no more moonstones left. Crimson said, “Look, if Chester wins, I get the entire lot. If Macho wins, you bring home the entire pile. Deal?” Otis nodded, and they both shook hands- it didn’t last long, because they hid back their moonstones in their bags once their parents arrived.

The race began as the horn blared outside. And the space ships were off. They weren’t literally spaceships, but tiny prototypes so the competing Aviators and Aviatrixes could play and hover above the sand without causing that much havoc. There was still chaos via the ultimate goal; you’d have to knock out the other players and if you don’t, then your main goal is to reach the finish line first.

Simple but very brutal.

The crowds cheered as the ships flew off. Of course, the newbies in Tournaments would fall off tracks from the professionals, but some newbie flyers still flew ahead; like Rose ‘Speed-Drift’ Twinner and Ottawa ‘Hurricane Hurler’ Mitazuki. They had just started their trainings half a year ago and now they flew like professionals- but not as good as Chester Caspian, Crimson thought again.

Of course, they wouldn’t last long. Nikki Zayne pushed off Twinner once they were side by side, but since Twinner had attached Zayne’s ship with a grappling hook, they both were pulled off the tracks and off the charts. Mitazuki was rather unlucky, as Macho flung him towards the sky. No one found him afterwards.

At last, it was just between Macho and Chester, two of the greatest Aviators known to most of the residents in the Betelgeuse Residence. Side by side, shoving each other as sand bursted in the air. Everyone were on their seats, grasping the arms, and praying for whoever to win. Cheers echoed for both Macho and Chester, and no one knew who was going to cross the line first.

Their Bingo 200s were already smoking with overheated steam, tongues of flames leapt out of the engines. They struggled to hover above the ground, touching it slightly. And there was the finish line, not so far away, getting closer and closer…

Crimson didn’t bare to look. She closed her eyes. No other Tournament had been both this terrifying and exciting for her.

And a roar echoed throughout the crowd.

Chester had won!

Otis snorted as he passed over his bag of moonstones to Crimson, dumbfounded by what just happened. He muttered, “Dammit.” Crimson beamed; now she might have enough moonstones to buy… oh, she didn’t know. I’ll check the list later, she thought.

After the race, the entire day resumed to ‘Boring Mode’ with the teenager having the rest of the time to do Deckhousework (the Betelgeuse Residence equivalent to Earth’s homework) and spend time with herself reading books about- you guessed it- Aviators.

But today wouldn’t be a boring day, regarding the surprise in store.

For the Roth family, 9:00 PM was their sleep time. And the entire Deckhouse Stack of Roths from every corner of the Betelgeuse Residence would be filled with silent snoring. And that was also the time that Crimson would put her year-long plan into action. She’s going to steal a ship and go see the universe.

Crimson knew it was going to be near-impossible for her to just break in the Aviaport where Aviators and Aviatrixes alike store their planes, space ships and star vessels. But, of course, she had been reading all about the place for months now and decided that via her best-friend’s window was the best option to enter.

After finishing the last of her packing, she wrote a note. All want-to-be-fugitives did. Crimson revised her letter quietly, “Bye Mom, Dad, and Otis. I’ll be leaving soon. Don’t find me.” She nodded. “I think that would be counted as not-suspicious.”

Bringing her backpack of everlasting food and sling bag of books and a revolver, she crept down the Roth Deckhouse Stack, making sure to not make a sound. If she did, she would be grounded for the rest of her life. Being an Aviatrix? That reality was going to fade into ash. As she crawled down from her room window, she questioned herself: was this the right thing to do? But that question was dismissed as soon as she landed on the ground.

The duration from her house to the Aviaport was just fifteen minutes away by an Anti-Gravitational SwiftBike. As the name suggests; her bike was fast and agile, something any teenage escapee would love to have. She wore her dark, navy-blue Aviatrix Bomber Jacket that was encrusted with golden star-mimicking models on both of her shoulder-pads. And she made sure to bring her favorite All-Weather boots that could stand both the heat and cold.

Arriving at the West Wing of the Aviaport, she made a wolf-like howling sound. Instantly and only, the second fourth-floor window slid opened. Slithering down came a rope that Crimson coiled around her hands. Since the gravitational pull on the Betelgeuse Residence isn’t that strong, Crimson climbed with ease and arrived at her friend’s room.

“Thanks, Sasha,” Crimson whispered at her short friend who nodded in return. “I couldn’t have done it without your help…” She winked. “Wish me luck!” Crimson handed her a bit of money before dashing through the door as Sasha waved goodbye.

Crimson crawled down from the railed balcony of Sasha’s floor onto the inside ground of the Aviaport, hoping that she would not fall by accident because if she did; she would have to go through a lot of answering to do. And as she arrived onto the Ship Field, her jaw hung open in amazement.

The Ship Field was decorated with ships of all sorts, ranging from… Well, the best to the best. All were painted in silver and sleek streaks of blue and gold, depending on your color sense and all. Some were triangle-like or balloon-shaped while others were like jelly on plates- those suspicious UFOs Earthlings see.

Crimson ran to her favorite space ship- the NYX-042. It was silver and dark blue, some of her favorite colors, and was shaped like a pyramid that was squashed from the side by accident. According to the books, the NYX could last as long as 50 years; no wonder it was Crimson’s favorite. The NYX was named after Betelgeuse’s to-be-believed Goddess of Night and reflected that name via the dark shades of blue, gray, silver and it’s sparkling paint coats.

As soon as Crimson opened the ship’s door, the alarm rang. Several voices rang from the hallways. “Intruder! Intruder!” In panic, Crimson entered the NYX and locked the door behind her. After arriving at the Cockpit, Crimson turned on the engines and lights, pulling and pushing the levers before her.

She could see the lasers of all the guards’ snipers- but she didn’t care. The ship was bulletproof, what was the use little man-made ones to attack? And she heard the familiar zoom-ing sound of the engines ready for blast off. Crimson was more than excited.

Before any of the security guards could fire, the ship blasted off with a gusto, soaring off into space and whatever beyond it. Crimson instantly buckled her seatbelt as her stomach churned. It felt like it wanted to go back to the Betelgeuse Residence, but she persisted the pain.

Back on Betelgeuse, one of the guards said to his Handheld Transceiver (HT for short, also known as a Walker-Talkie), “Intergalactic Security, we have a breech. This is the Aviaport of the Betelgeuse Residence. I repeat! We have a breech!” The guard looked up at the sky. “Catch that NYX-042 and bring it back here for questioning.”


Crimson was having a blast flying the NYX-042 around space. The spaceship wasn’t as much space as she expected, but it was worth it. She found a lot of food in the fridge, such as apples, chocolates and strips of bacon. There was a bedroom, a bathroom and a lounge where you can read, watch- do whatever you want, technically. Unless it’s blowing up the ship.

The girl was in awe of the million stars that were scattered around the galaxy she travelled past. And the planets that pass by were just… stunning. The vibrant oranges and blues were very common with planets, but once you’ve see those of green and purple, you’d be amazed on how spectacular and picturesque it was. You’d be even more amazed on how speechless you could get seeing these things.

Too speechless you wouldn’t even realize that several piloted spaceships from the IS (Intergalactic Security) are chasing you.

“Miss Roth!” a speaker rang. Apparently someone wanted to talk to her. “You shall halt your space ship, turn your ship around and return back to the Betelgeuse Residence for questioning!”

Crimson laughed through her speaker, “I will get caught eventually- but not today, suckers!” She checked her screen. “Closest planet.” The screen read: “Gregorax, and its coordinates: 1500x, 9634y.” Crimson nodded, pulling several levers to send her towards the planet via Hyperspace. “Geronimo!”

And her spaceship vanished in a blink of an eye.

Of course, Hyperspace really is a dangerous pathway. There can be malfunctions if you use the wrong vessel, and you might get sick because of the fast winds. And thankfully, the NYX was amazing at handling the rough pressure. Unfortunately, the rapid Hyperspace shut down the engines immediately.

“Dammit!” Crimson cursed under her breath, pressing hundreds of buttons as quick as she could. “No… no… no…” But her spaceship was no match for the speed of the Hyperspace. Within seconds after exiting, the vessel was on fire, falling fast towards the planet Gregorax- so fast, it broke through the Gregorax forced-field.

As the NYX-042 fell, so did Crimson. She fell asleep as the world around her turned black.

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