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Blood Rider [Alonia's Queenslayer #1]

Blood Rider [Alonia's Queenslayer #1]






Completed 26 Chapter
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Author: NumberFourTheNumber

Published: 2021

Parts: 28

In a world ravaged by war, the only hope of humans and elves ever reaching peace is ruined after strange things begin happening in the neutral land between two kingdoms.

Eli was born as a dragon rider, one of those destined to protect humanity, counterparts to elven white hunters. She wishes to become the king’s right hand and war commander in order to bring upon peace.

But she has a problem – she is the only female rider in existence and must keep the fact hidden by posing as a boy.

After all, she is the only one who has a chance to unite riders and hunters and take care of the newfound threat before it ravages all of Alonia.