A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You

Chapter 1 - Chapter 53: Shut Your Mouth (3)

Chapter 1 - Chapter 53: Shut Your Mouth (3)

Chapter 53: Shut Your Mouth (3)

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Ji Yi stared at the elevator for some time before she glanced back at He Jichen, who laid lifelessly on the ground. She struggled for a long time as though she'd been hurled into the trap of making a difficult decision. Seeing as no one entered, the elevator doors closed again. She suddenly reached her hand out to stop the doors.

The elevator doors opened again. She gritted her teeth, raised her legs and walked into the elevator.

She avoided glancing over at He Jichen on the floor, in fear that she'd get soft-hearted and change her mind. She stared straight ahead at the elevator doors closing.

The elevator went all the way down. When it reached the first floor, the door opened and Ji Yi couldn't wait to run out. She didn't slow down and only let out a sigh of relief when she exited He Jichen's apartment block.

For a long time, they had nothing to do with each other. What's more, he said he never wanted to see her face again, so even if he was in such bad shape, it was none of her business.

With that thought, Ji Yi shook her head vigorously to shake off the image of pale-faced He Jichen on the ground.

He said it before, he never wanted to see her face again. He also said that he never wanted her to talk about him, so there was no need for her to avoid him or embarrass herself, yet she still turned up tonight... But just the day before yesterday, she fainted on the streets because of her stomach pain and he was the one who brought her to his house...

Ji Yi almost made it to the gates of the residential area when she suddenly stopped.

She tightly pursed her lips and stared straight at the road ahead with firmly balled up fists.

She learned from Tang Huahua that Lin Ya and He Jichen weren't actually in a relationship, so naturally, this meant that He Jichen hadn't brought her back to his home to apologize on behalf of Lin Ya... She couldn't figure out the real reason, and she didn't want to think about this anymore, but she didn't want to have to owe him a favour either...

At that thought, Ji Yi took a hard gulp and decided to turn around and go back to He Jichen.

As she got out of the elevator, Ji Yi took a deep breath and walked over to He Jichen's door. She bent down. As she dragged He Jichen's arm up, she felt the heat from his body through his shirt. Her fingers quivered for a moment before she used all the strength in her body to drag the unconscious He Jichen into the apartment.

He Jichen's apartment had two floors. From the last time she was there, she learned that his bedroom was on the second floor. However, she wasn't strong enough to get him up there.

The ground floor didn't have a bedroom, and Zhang Sao, who she met last time, wasn't in. Ji Yi scanned the surroundings and noticed there was an exercise room with a clean yoga mat, so she figured she may as well leave He Jichen there.

Ji Yi first picked up the supplements from outside the door and brought them into the apartment. She closed the door behind her and went upstairs.

He Jichen's bedroom door was left open, so with just one glimpse, she saw the contents of a medicine box scattered on the ground.

He Jichen must've tried to reach for some medicine when he felt sick... Ji Yi grabbed the duvet and carried it out of the bedroom. On her way out, she also put all the medicine back into the box and carried it downstairs with her.

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